Certified Noonday Sweet Onions

David Claiborne, a lifelong farmer and Vice President of the Noonday Sweet Onion Growers Association has been producing onions for over 10 years, and says the Noonday sweet onion was made famous over 40 years ago as area growers began marketing a really sweet onion.

Customers returned to Noonday, Texas regularly to enjoy more of these delicious treats. Soon a growers association was formed and the onion was certified and guaranteed sweet with the trademark name of Noonday Sweet Onion. The annual onion festival created competition between growers and the race was on to produce the absolute sweetest onion possible.

Each summer, onion lovers flock to farmers markets and roadside stands near Noonday, Texas to enjoy the sweet flavor of the Noonday sweet onion. But now, you can have these East Texas treats shipped right to your front door!

Article in Onion World Magazine featuring David and the Noonday sweet onion.